Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Properties for sale in Dubai: A smart investment

For the last decade an increasing number of people have been moving to Dubai in large numbers, often lured by the promise of a better career, wealth and luxury living. Dubai is now a thriving metropolis, attracting thousands of new residents to its shores each month. The growth has, of course, not only been in the form of expats in Dubai, but in the city itself. In another progressive action, expats who have moved away from their homeland can now book apartments for sale in Dubai, a legal right otherwise restricted to natives in most other parts of the Middle East.

apartments for sale in Dubai

Where many believe that oil is its main source of income, it is other industries such as construction, tourism and financial services that are contributing to Dubai’s extraordinary wealth and creating job opportunities for expats around the world. In 2008, due to the global recession, Dubai's exponentially expanding economy did experience a shaky ground, but now, foreigners are once again moving to Dubai in search of inflated salaries, excellent healthcare and leisure activities and access to properties for sale in Dubai.

properties for sale in Dubai

All residential and commercial units provide splendid living space and unmatched comfort for their residents. Among the major residential and commercial property types, that Dubai has to offer include luxury apartments, hotels, studios, villa and waterfront resorts, villas and townhouses. Commercial units consist of well-equipped office spaces in multi-storeyed towers. In short, first class infrastructure facilities, modern architectural design and luxury lifestyle amenities are what apartments in Dubai will offer you.

Before you make that deal you need to decide where you want to live. If you are buying a property to live in, you must have a thorough knowledge of what areas are within your budget. Consider factors including proximity to your place of work or children’s schools, transport links, hospitals, grocery stores and other amenities. If you are an investor, these factors are important for your consideration too because such apartments for sale in Dubai which are in convenient locations can produce higher rent yields.

Make a list of desirable features that you wish your apartment to have, and take notes when you go visiting houses to help you remember which places you like best. It is rare to find the perfect combination, so focus on what is most important to you and prioritize accordingly. It is advisable to set up a local bank account for your own convenience. You will need this during and after the purchasing process involving apartments for sale in Dubai.

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