Monday, 19 January 2015

Choose among the best Properties For Rent In Dubai

So you landed that job in Dubai and are all set to move out to the city and start a new phase of life. But before you do so, you have to zero in and find the perfect place that you are going to call home for the next few years in Dubai. So how do you go about looking for your home sweet home? There are websites to help and there are reviews by people living there. Here’s a little more info to go through Properties for Rent in Dubai.

Properties for Rent in Dubai
Properties for Rent in Dubai

To begin with, the first thing that you need to do is register yourself with some online portals that help out with property listings. They will ask you to specify exactly what your budget is, how many rooms you are looking for and also list out what kind of facilities they offer. It is economical and cosy while being stylish and utilitarian. You will find ample help in trying to trace down such Properties for Rent in Dubai

Villas as Dubai properties for rent

Surrounded by lush, landscaped gardens, private villa homes represent the finest in luxury Dubai living. From the moment you arrive you'll be captivated by the luxurious, oasis-like setting of flowering gardens and botanic hideaways.The magnificent private homes are set in their own landscaped paradise with infinity pools, water features, entertaining areas and roof-top terraces catering to the discerning taste of those who come home to Dubai. You can find an entire section dedicated to villas when you search Dubai Properties for rent.

Dubai Properties for rent

Run a background check to rent Dubai property

Designed with long-term family ownership in mind, and with only a small selection of villas for sale, those aspiring to rent a luxury Dubai home, are encouraged to thoroughly check for security and safety of the locations. Make sure that the locality is a residential area and that it has a lot of families living around. A hospital close by would be nice in case of an emergency, especially, if you suffer from an ailment. Also beware of bogus offers and refrain from making an actual payment until you fly down to the place and have personally checked out before you Rent Dubai Property.

Unrivalled luxury in properties for rent in Dubai

Hand-painted frescoes, Turkish artworks and lavish murals combine to conjure up the magnificence of the Golden Age. The imperial hospitality experience is further expressed in the design and scale of the property, the thoughtfulness of the service and the subtle interweaving of the Arabian Renaissance. Properties For Rent In Dubai try their best to keep up with this idea of Dubai and will hence be the most sophisticated housing services you have seen till date.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Selling and buying Dubai property

To sell your property in Dubai you need to first have your property listed with trusted sources on the internet or through some real estate agent who is accredited. First impressions matter. A photograph could be difference between selling your property and not receiving any offers. Take advantage of the Property Information sections which helps in making your property stand out from the rest. Then stage your property and market it extensively, to make it easier and faster for prospective buyers and tenants to find your home - and subsequently sell Dubai property.

sell Dubai property

The process of buying a property differs, depending on where you are in the world. If you need a mortgage to buy your property, you need to know how much money you are able to borrow. This will be dependent on your income and the type of mortgage you want. Shop around different banks and lenders to try to find the best deal. If you are buying Dubai property to live in, decide where you want to live and what areas are within your budget. Consider factors including proximity to your place of work or children’s schools, transport links and other amenities. If you are an investor, these factors are also important because properties in convenient locations can produce higher rent yields.

Understand at what price properties similar to yours are selling for. Remember that prices advertised and prices sold at are different. Set realistic prices to avoid delays on generated interest. Ensure flexibility of viewing timings to increase the speed of the selling process. Prepare the necessary documentation. This includes the Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA), the title deed, floor plans and a location map. Produce a liability letter from the bank that you have the mortgage on your property for sale in Dubai. Once you do, the buyer's bank will then arrange to pay off your mortgage.

buying Dubai property

You may be asked to sign a few documents pertaining to authorizing your bank to accept the settlement of the loan and instructing the bank to release the property documents once the mortgage is settled.  The buyer's bank will pay off the mortgage while your bank issues the clearance documentation. The next step is to submit a copy of the NOC to the buyer's bank. The bank will then take about 2-3 days to prepare the final documentation to sell Dubai property.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Property in Dubai for renting purpose

Expats are showing interest in buying Dubai property to become an owner in the most luxurious city of the world. The high living standard, cosmopolitan culture and sub-tropical climate attract them to make this city, their second home to live. Tenants look around two to three weeks before their move in date at a property in Dubai. Dubai has become a hot spot in international real estate market due to mega developments.

property in Dubai

Initially foreigners were not allowed to purchase properties in UAE and Dubai. But soon after announcement of freehold Dubai property law in 2002 professional real estate investors and foreigners started taking interest to invest in real estate market of UAE. State government invested huge money to build infrastructure of this city in order to make it less dependent on oil. Now you can buy and sell Dubai property owned by you with minimal regulations that are easy to follow and understand.

sell Dubai property

Buyers and sellers of property in Dubai should have complete knowledge about the rules regarding land transactions, including issues related to ownership transfer. As a potential buyer or seller, you can assess the market by reviewing the land transactions on a weekly or monthly basis. To buy or sell Dubai property your agent or developer should be accredited and licensed with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), part of Dubai Land Department, which is the sole government entity responsible for registration, organization and promotion of real-estate investment in Dubai.

From government registration to the proximity of your child’s school, there are many factors that you need to take into account when renting a home. Use this handy guide before you sign the lease on your new home. Tour different areas and ask around among friends and acquaintances to help you find your ideal area to live in. This will also help you understand what you can get for your budget in different areas. To rent Dubai property, check that you can afford the property you are interested in. Include rent advances, brokerage fees, moving costs, down payments for gas, DEWA and telephone and internet connections, existing payments, transport costs, food, socializing and other regular expenses.

Expatriates can purchase freehold property in Dubai either off-plan or on the secondary market. You can search the government listed eMart to look for property listings to buy or sell. Most real estate companies also have websites while the daily newspapers also list buy and sell Dubai property. Most off-plan property requires you to pay an upfront deposit of 10-15% and the balance in installments. While off-plan is cheaper because the property may be partially built or not yet built, it is also important to ensure that the developer is RERA registered with a trust account (escrow) for the designated property.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Some of the best Villas For Rent In Dubai

A trip to Dubai can be turned into one of the most lavish trips you have ever taken. The lifestyles there is fit for a king and so are the facilities offered. For the ultimate extravagance you can consider living in a Villa for Rent in Dubai. Most Villas will provide you with high quality services that you expect of them such as, Complimentary in-villa breakfast, a 24 hour butler service, Private swimming pool for you and your family, Private arrival and dedicated majlis for check-in, Private Parking if you choose to bring in your vehicle or choose to rent it out for your stay, Direct and private access to the souk, beach and abras. If you are planning on staying solo you can have your own say in the choice of two and three bedroom villas.

Villa for Rent in Dubai

Option One: Madinat Jumeirah - The word ‘Malakiya’ translates into ‘royal’ in Arabic, and epitomises the level of luxury one can expect to receive. The seven independent villas are designed for those seeking spacious opulence and luxury, seclusion from the hustle-bustle of the outside world, impeccable service, all the while benefitting from complete discretion. The villas offer spacious bedrooms, oversized marble-clad bathrooms, generous living spaces, fully furnished kitchens and private terraces overlooking the waterways and resort. It is one of the most exquisite Villas for Rent in Dubai.

Option two: Dubai Marina Apartments- Instead of a full-fledged villa you can also opt for a well-furnished stylish apartment at the Dubai Marina. The Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, built along a two mile (3 km) stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline.The Dubai Marina Apartments are right by the waterfront. The hotel offers outdoor swimming pools, a racquetball court and a fully-equipped gym. The outdoor swimming pool with separate kids' pool provides refreshments during the day. In addition, there is a sauna and a steam room for relaxation. So it offers you most of the perks you get in a villa.

Option three: Private Villa for Rent in Dubai – There are private villas associated as a group who have bought holiday homes on The Palm Jumeirah and rent them out when they are not visiting themselves. Each of their villas is decorated to an extremely high standard, each to a personal style of the individual owner. The Palm is one of the most favourite places to stay. If you would want to opt for something more homely, you could opt for such kind of a private Villa for Rent in Dubai.